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The Roanoke Island, real estate scene is a little different than Outer Banks real estate overall. Why? Because most people who buy real estate on Roanoke Island, particularly in its main town, Manteo, are moving here permanently, not looking for an investment property. Not that Roanoke Island rentals aren’t popular! Indeed, more and more visitors are discovering the charms of Manteo and its draw as a walkable vacation community that offers incredible amenities and things to do. From a thriving arts scene to great shopping along the historic waterfront, heralded restaurants to attractions that intrigue visitors from as far away as Corolla, the appeal of Roanoke Island life is apparent. The purchase of Roanoke Island real estate, whether in Manteo or the other town on the island, Wanchese, still draws more of the people who experience the lifestyle this place has to offer and choose to move here for good. Roanoke Island real estate offerings are diverse. Take your pick of old, established homes with lovely lawns and historic backgrounds, new homes in up and coming community developments and waterfront condos overlooking the Shallowbag Bay or start with a blank slate on a lot that lets you create the home of your dreams. So, if you’re considering a real estate purchase, make sure you’ve considered Manteo and Roanoke Island … it’s an Outer Banks real estate jewel.

Roanoke Island Real Estate is for Everyone

When it comes to Roanoke Island estate, there’s something for every budget. Homes typically start around $200,000 and go as high as almost $2 million. Condos range from around $150,000 to $600,000. Lots go for around $80,000 to $500,000. Since Roanoke Island has been established longer than other towns that make up the Outer Banks, there are many more historic homes to be found here, and one or two come up for sale with some regularity. The downtown neighborhood is particularly popular for its Roanoke Island, NC, real estate value due to the historic homes and proximity to the waterfront area with its many restaurants and activities. There's always a festival or event going on in this waterfront town. But other established neighborhoods, such as the Mother Vineyard area, are big draws too. Roanoke Island living is more about community than many other areas since generations of native residents have claimed the island as home and others who have moved here did so for the lifestyle of a small town, not necessarily the draw of the ocean. 

Roanoke Island Real Estate Fast Facts

Schools: Roanoke Island is host to its own school system on the Outer Banks. Children in grades kindergarten through 12th grade go to Manteo Elementary, Manteo Middle School and Manteo High School. Wanchese Christian Academy is a private school option for all grades.

Neighborhoods: Roanoke Island is less sectioned into neighborhoods than some of the northern Outer Banks towns. You can choose from four named developments when considering Roanoke Island real estate.

Population: Roanoke Island is one of the most populated areas on the Outer Banks with 6,724 residents. The Town of Manteo itself counts approximately 1,300 of those residents, while Wanchese has comes in close to 1,600. The rest are residents who live outside those two town limits.

Owner-occupied Housing Units: About 70% of the homes in Roanoke Island are occupied by owners or year-round renters. 

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