Ocracoke Real Estate

The Ocracoke real estate scene is like Ocracoke Island overall—a world apart from the norm. To begin with, on the entire 16-mile-long island, there’s only the tiny tip that’s populated; the rest of the island is wide open, beautiful, undeveloped territory. In Ocracoke Island you’ll find a number of houses available for sale and an even greater number of open lots situated beside the most beautiful underdeveloped beach around. So what is Ocracoke life all about? Well, it’s a little of everything. You can have the coveted Outer Banks oceanfront cottage experience or something a little bit more real. What do we mean by real? We mean living in an old and maintained cottage in a coastal village, letting you play an active role contributing to the community and greater small town life.

And as you can imagine, all this makes Ocracoke real estate pretty darn appealing to the vast majority of people who’ve ever spent time here. Unlike a decade earlier, you won’t be finding rock bottom prices on any of Ocracoke real estate options again for a long time.

What you will find, however, is a real estate selection that’s perhaps more varied than you would expect from Outer Banks real estate. Choose from condos overlooking Silver Lake, cottages in newer developments, undeveloped lots sprinkled around various locations and if you’re really lucky check out the handful of historic homes for sale.

What to Expect with Ocracoke Real Estate

As far as Outer Banks real estate goes, Ocracoke Island's properties tend to range from the medium to high ends of the spectrum. Interior lots start at a little over $100,000 and canal-front lots typically range higher than $200,000. Home might start as low as the $100,000 and go for as much as in the million-dollar range and a majority of them fall into the upper $300,000s.

Ocracoke Fast Facts

Schools: There is one school for Kindergarten through Twelfth grades. With about 90 or so students in the school, every child has the opportunity to work closely with their teachers.

Neighborhoods: Choose from among the island’s 10 neighborhoods when considering Ocracoke Island real estate.

Population: Just under 1,000 people reside year-round on Ocracoke Island, contributing to this island’s community feel where everyone knows everyone.

Owner-occupied Housing Units: About 75% of the homes on Ocracoke are occupied by their owner.

To find out more about Ocracoke Island real estate companies, many of which offer online request forms, choose from the following list. Also visit our Ocracoke Vacation Rentals page for vacation rentals.

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